Traditionally, fruits and vegetables were pickled so that they could be enjoyed when they were out of season.  Today, good quality fruit and vegetables are available year round diminishing the need for their preservation.  We believe that pickling is not just a means for extending the shelf life of produce but rather a means to bring to light its potential!   To this point, we believe that only exceptional produce warrants preservation!

We hope that you will enjoy our pickles with the same zeal in which they are created.   



Tom Peter - Tom lives in Philadelphia, PA with his wife Melissa and their dog Rosie Lamb. He is a scientist, molecular gastronomer, inventor, environmentalist, classical pianist, avid runner and is the founder of Crisp & Co.

Prior to forming Crisp, Thomas was an analyst at a large financial institution and later a cancer researcher at Cornell University in the Jin Laboratory for protein engineering and nano-medicine. He is very passionate about pickles and utilizes his training as a scientist and interest in molecular gastronomy to perfect the texture and flavor of the produce he preserves, creating unique pickles of unparalleled quality.

Linda Ziedrich - Linda lives on a farmstead in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where she experiments with the produce from her garden and orchard and writes about her discoveries in her blog, “A Gardener’s Table.” [] She has authored two definitive guides on food preservation, The Joy of Pickling and The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves. An integral member of our team, Linda has helped to develop some of our non-cucumber pickled products.